Melissa Stangl

After spending years working in scientific labs and corporate offices, Melissa realized the healing and transformative potential of working responsibly with psychedelics and plant medicine. In 2015, she consciously chose to leave Corporate America and moved to live and work in the Amazon jungle. Melissa has since used her background in engineering, science, and management to help advance the plant medicine and psychedelic movements – first by helping run a top-rated ayahuasca center in Peru, and now as Founding Partner and COO for Soltara, a Shipibo-led ayahuasca center in Costa Rica, with a focus on integration. She is passionate about using her technical, managerial, and problem-solving skills to help bridge the gap between the Western world and the incredible healing potential of plant medicines, their traditions, and a holistic approach to health.

In an effort to dive more fully into the plant medicine movement and recent renaissance of psychedelic science, she has also written a book called Roots of Consciousness, which has won the MAPS-sponsored psychedelic literature contest through Publishizer. Check it out here: